2B3E Projects

Industrial Projects

Similar Product Identification 2018-2019
Korea Information Engineering Services
  • Learning based product matching
  • based Natural Language Processing
  • Ensemble method for integrating title and price
Product Category Classification 2017-2018
Korea Information Engineering Services
  • Machine Learning based category classification
  • Image and Text classification
Virtual Reality Platform API for Tizen Environment 2016
Samsung Electronics
  • VR API Design and Development
  • Sample VR app Development
Segmentation and Segregation of Tooth Regions for Dental Crown Designing System 2015
A Dental Company (Company name not to be disclosed), USA
  • Tooth region segmentation
  • Smoothing and Segregation
Interactive Displays for Human Body Experience 2014
Korea National Science Museum
  • Joint project with the Inha University
  • 3 Display Units for Virtual Endoscope, Virtual Dissection, and Augmented Reality
  • Used 42” and 19” Transparent displays and a human-size dummy
  • Kinect based interactions and interaces
  • Grant: $200,000
Interactive Displays for Human Body Experience 2014
Korea National Science Museum
  • Joint project with the Inha University
  • 3 Display Units for Virtual Endoscope, Virtual Dissection, and Augmented Reality
  • Used 42” and 19” Transparent displays and a human-size dummy
  • Kinect based interactions and interaces
  • Grant: $200,000
Next Generation Mobile User Interfaces with Augmented Reality Visualizations 2012-2013
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
  • Joint proposal with the University of South Australia
  • Building GPS error models
  • Outdoor tracking and User interface
  • Grant: $100,000
Development of IR-Pen interactions for Electronic Board 2012
BJ Electronics
  • IR pen detection
  • Camera-projector calibration
  • Mouse interaction
Hybrid Natural Feature Tracking for Augmented Reality System 2011-2012
Samsung SDS
  • Tracking based on Android mobile device and Matching based on multicore CPU/GPU server
  • Color-sensitive feature description
  • Perspective invariant feature description
  • Situation adaptive tracking
  • Grant: $210,000
Motion-based Physiotherapy System 2010-2011
MetaIO Asia
  • Development of depth camera (Kinect) based motion recognition
  • VR and AR based 3D visualization
  • Grant: $30,000
Ovary Detection and Visualization from Ultrasonic Images 2009-2010
Samsung Medison Co.
  • Development of De-noising, Magic Wand, Active Contour functionality
  • 3D visualization
  • Grant: $60,000
Vision-based Augmented Reality System 2009
Samsung SDS.
  • Marker-based / Markerless Augmented Reality Framework
  • Finger-point based interaction
  • Grant: $50,000
Video Search Methods for DTV H/W Components using IBM Cell Multi-core Processors 2007-2008
LG Electronics
  • Utilize multi-core processor for decoding MPEG-2 Iframes and detect scene transitions
  • Video-based Non-Photorealistic Rendering for artistic effect
  • Grant: $40,000
Augmented Reality-based Navigation System 2007 – 2008 2007-2008
Samsung Electronics
  • GPS, D/R sensor, and camera based AR navigation for moving vehicles
  • Sensor calibration, sensor fusion, error modeling
  • Grant: $100,000

Government Projects

Virtual Reality for Korean Traditional Philosophy 2017-2021
Korea National Research Foundation
  • Based on Paintings of 16C Korean Philosopher: Hwang Lee
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality based Philosophical Idea Presentation
AR-based Assistant System for Visually Impaired People 2017-2019
Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology
  • AI based Obstacle Detection
  • Gesture Recognition, Depth Estimation
Mobile VR for Entertainment, Performance, and Tourism 2017-2020
Korea Institute for Information and Communications Technology Promotion
  • Interactions for Mobile VR
  • Analysis of Cyber-sickness and Surrounding Risk Factors
The 3rd Eye: an External Eye for Visual Enhancement 2016-2019
Korea National Research Foundation
  • Pan-Tile-Zoom Camera and 360 Camera based
  • Visual Information Collection / Refinement / Visualization
HDI4D: Human-Digital Content Interaction for Immersive 4D Home Entertainment 2016-2017
Korea National Research Foundation
  • International Collaborative Research with New Zealand
  • 3D Position Determination and Depth Map Recovery for 360 Videos
Vision-based Diagnosis of Multiple Intelligence 2015-2016
Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Vision-based emotion detection
  • User Interface and App Development
  • Total grant: $110,000 per year for two years
Smart Glass for Augmented Reality 2012-2015
Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • Development of Augmented Reality tracking technologies for Smart Glass services
  • Total grant: $6,000,000 for three years
Augmented Art Gallery 2011-2012
Korea Culture & Content Agency
  • Projector and a large display based AR interaction System
  • Total grant: $300,000 for 7 months
Development of Mobile Marketing Application Platform 2011-2013
Small and Medium Business Administration
  • QR code detection and tracking
  • Interaction and rendering
  • Total grant: $200,000 per year for two years
Ubiquitous-City Development 2010-2011
Korea Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  • Design and Development of Ubiquitous City Environment
  • Total grant: $250,000 per year for two years
Augmented Reality based Educational Material Development 2008-2010
Small and Medium Business Administration
  • AR based marker-based / markerless tracking
  • Total grant: $250,000 per year for two years
Embedded Visual Sensor for Industrial Robots 2007-2009
Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy
  • Time of Flight (TOF) camera SW development for object and its pose estimation
  • Volume measurement based on laser Line Pattern Generator
  • Total grant: $30,000 per year for two years
Advanced Display Technologies for Virtual Environments 2007-2009
State Government of Gyeonggi-do
  • User’s gaze tracking for providing depth-adjusted stereo images in HMD
  • Total grant: $55,000 per year for two years
Computer Aided Diagnosis System 2006-2009
City of Seoul
  • Automatic Center-line Extraction for Intrathoraic Airway Trees in MDCT
  • Image segmentation
Mixed Reality-based Training Service for the Disabled 2006-2008
Korea Culture & Content Agency
  • Rehabilitation system through IR-LED based motion tracking and evaluation
  • Situational training using Audio, Visual, and Haptic Interfaces for developmental disability therapy
  • Total grant: $250,000 per year for three years
Virtual Korean Human 2006-2008
Korea Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Registration of color images of cadaver with MRI images of live human
  • 3D visualization
  • Total grant: $1,000,000 per year for two years
Mixed Reality Technologies for Digital Life 2005-2007
Korean Ministry of Information and Communication
  • Augmented Interaction: Interaction and Dynamics between real and virtual objects in Augmented Environments
  • Total grant: $1,000,000 per year for two years
Smart Meeting Space 2006-2009
Ubiquitous Computing & Networks, Korean Ministry of Information and Communication
  • Display, networking, and interactions for large display wall (6x4 monitors) with real-time networking for HDTV quality videos
  • Interaction technologies based on laser pointer tracking
  • 3D localization and identification of users based on LED pattern recognition
  • Total grant: $320,000 per year for three years
Autonomous Cooperative Localization and Formation of Mobile Sensors 2005-2007
City of Seoul
  • Formation and localization of a band of autonomous mobile sensors
  • Three-dimensional localization, obstacle avoidance
  • Total grant: $125,000

University Projects

Ergonomic Interaction Design in 3D Space Using Oculus and Leap Motion 2015-2016
Hongik University
  • Design of user’s interaction space where an oculus HMD and Leap motion detector
Pose Refinement for Outdoor Augmented Reality 2014-2015
Hongik University
  • GPS Error reduction in an urban canyon environments by modeling GPS errors
Research on GPS Error Modeling for Outdoor Personal Navigation 2013-2014
Hongik University
  • GPS error modeling based on the satellites and building position/height
Development of Real-time Tracking Technology for Mobile Devices 2012-2013
Hongik University
  • Natural Feature based tracking technology for mobile Augmented Reality applications
Augmented Reality APP Development using a Smart Device 2011-2012
Hongik University
  • Augmented Reality application development based on QR code detection and tracking
Laser point based tracking for handheld Augmented Reality 2010-2011
Hongik University
  • Utilization of laser pointers for computing pose of a smart device
Tracking Accuracy improvement for Personal Navigation System 2009-2010
Hongik University
  • Vision-based improvement of GPS and Compass tracking accuracy
Navigation System for Pedestrians 2008-2009
Hongik University
  • Handheld navigation system with POI information
LED bar based Pointing Device 2007-2008
Hongik University
  • Eye-safe Pointing device using computer vision technologies
Expanded Gesture Interface 2006-2007
Hongik University
  • Gesture based interface for interaction in Teleconference
Augmented Foam 2005-2006
Hongik University
  • Augmented Reality based design evaluation system
Laser-projection based Augmented Reality 2004-2005
Hongik University
  • A stand-alone AR system based on laser projections
Mobile AR based Maintenance System 2003-2004
Hongik University
  • A mobile Augmented Reality system for tele-maintenance